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another time

a short film about hard decisions, big commitments, and possibly being a victim of botched time travel.
shot in philadelphia, pa. 

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Another Time is the story of Harriet, a 27 year old woman dealing with typical problems of indecisiveness, daily panic attacks, the sense of being lost, and a total fear of commitment. Only Harriet has more than twenty-something angst to blame for her troubles- she honestly believes she is a victim of botched time travel and belongs in 1783. Haunted by strange dreams, a hazy childhood, and strong connections to various historic parts of the city, she will suddenly be thrown into a situation that makes the question all the more pressing: Is she willing to give up finding a way home and settle into her modern existence?

Written and directed by Amy Frear.

Starring Amy Frear, Michael Wyant, Davy Raphaely, and Natasha Piletich. With Elena Bossler as Betsy Ross, John Lopes as George Washington, and Rob Carroll as Benjamin Franklin.

Director of Photography: Shawna Annable

Sound: Sean Hamilton

Original Score: Dan Papa

Editing: Dan Papa and Stephen Metzger

For more information about the story behind the film, check out an interview with Philadelphia's City Paper. 

Official Selection: Philadelphia Film Society, Trenton Film Festival (winner, Audience Favorite award),  Women's Film Festival, New Hope Film Festival, Cape May Film Festival (winner, Curator's Award), Media Film Festival (winner, best local film), and Cache Cache NYC. 

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