While on an important mission on earth, an alien who has taken the form of a human becomes pregnant and seeks an abortion. 

Official Selection: GenreBlast, Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival, Queens World Film Festival, Hobnobben Film Festival, Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival (winner: Best Comedy Short), Threadbare Mitten Film Festival (winner: Subversive Selection), Women's Film Festival (Brattleboro, VT), Philadelphia Film Society.

Starring Jenna Horton, Josh McLucas, Sarah Heffner, Derek Baker-Gutierrez, Aliyah Isis, and Kalif Troy. 

Produced by Amy Frear and Shawna Annable.




A wayward selkie (a seal that can turn itself into a human) has followed a school of herring up the Delaware river when her seal skin is captured by a man from the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. 


A story about the people that wash in and out of lives. 

It has screened at the Philadelphia Film Society, Trenton Film Festival, SFC Women's Film Fest (winner: best professional narrative), Mystic Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, Women's Film Festival, Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival, Media Film Festival, and Drunken Film Fest in Bradford, UK. 

"SELKIE is a beautifully shot and well-acted narrative metaphor for the soul-crushing effect of being involved in an unhealthy relationship... What also makes this short film remarkable is that it relays the emotional beats of the story without a word of dialogue spoken - except for the fisherman’s opening monologue.

-7th Matrix

Watch here: Official Website 

On Selkie: 

Philly Film's Women in the Director Chair Virtual Round Table




Harriet is a 27 year old woman dealing with typical problems of indecisiveness, daily panic attacks, the sense of being lost, and a total fear of commitment. Only Harriet has more than twenty-something angst to blame for her troubles- she honestly believes she is a victim of botched time travel and belongs in 1783. 

Watch here: Official Website

Screened at the Philadelphia Film Society, Trenton Film Festival (winner, Audience Favorite award), The Women's Film Festival, New Hope Film Festival, Cape May Film Festival (winner, Curator's Award), Media Film Festival (winner, best local film), and Cache Cache NYC. More information about the inspiration available in the following interview with Philadelphia City Paper.