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Human Being


2019, 7:59, narrative.

While on an important mission on earth, an alien who has taken the form of a human becomes pregnant and seeks an abortion.

Written and Directed by Amy Frear

Produced by Amy Frear and Shawna Annable

Starring Jenna Horton, Aliyah Isis, Kalif Troy, Sarah Heffner, Derek Baker-Gutierrez, Josh McLucas, Gus Gscheidle, and Jacob Kemp. 

Director of Photography: Shawna Annable 
Music: Madalean Gauze
Editor: Amy Frear
Sound Mix and Edit: Sean Hamilton 

Production Design: Katherine Elisabeth Clark

Art Direction: Jamie Forslund

Assistant Director: Nick Jonczak

Assistant Camera: Steve Metzger

Grip: Bianca Moon

Suitcase design: Emily R. Johnson 

Official Selection

GenreBlast Film Festival

Queens World Film Festival

Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival

Threadbare Mitten Film Festival (Subversive Selection)

Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival (Best Comedy Short)

Hobnobben Film Festival

Women's Film Festival

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